Major moves in mobile ad field in the promising Year 2016

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When we looked at predictions and trends analysis articles when the New Year begins, we thought we have seen through the crystal ball. They all agreed on a promising new year, a prosperous year for mobile marketing, a leap even after what we had achieved in 2015. However, just 20 days after the year begins, giants in the mobile ad field made some major moves, to remind us what a constantly-changing field we are in.

On January 15, Apple announced it will close the iAd App Network at the end of June. Since being launched in 2010, iAd works in a mechanism that app developers sign up with iAd and iAd advertisements appear in their apps. Apple turn part of the revenue from advertising to app developers. But before that app developer has to have the iAd Framework built in their apps and then can they submit the product to app store. On advertisers’ part, Apple was said to be rather selective. It sets a lower limit. Only those who spend more than the limit can be let into the iAd Framework. However, the service was believed never fulfill Apple’s estimate, and now cannot escape from the fate of being shut down.

Google announced it blocked 780 million “bad ads” in 2015, 50% larger than the number in 2014. The so called “bad ads”, as Google explained, were the likes of malware, the promotion of fakes or illicit goods, and intrusive ads that cover up content. It was believed Google use this means to cleanse itself, to avoid being viewed as a place for frauds and fakes.

Also, Google unveiled a new ad product called Real-Time ads. The product will let brands to push ads in real time during live events. Audiences could see them on YouTube, apps, and sites under Google Display Network. The beta version of the edgy product will next be tested in the upcoming Super Bowl.

Yahoo’s move echoes with programmatic trends widely predicted by industry opinion leaders. It will now offer programmatic native advertising on the BrightRoll Exchange. It will give access to advertisers, DSPs and agency trading desks to bid on native mobile inventory in addition to original display ads.

One has to say, the year 2016 will certainly be a year mobile advertising continue its skyrocketing growth, but also, the year will see fierce competition and real innovation. As Premier Partner of Google, and a prominent player in mobile marketing field, Yeahmobi is always there for customers’ benefits. Welcome to work with us.

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