Chinese Mobile Ad Spending Soars

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Despite international news reporting on Chinese economy been slowing down, mobile advertising field still thrived last year. Actually, mobile ad spending in China in 2015 surpassed desktop spending for the first time, according to a new eMarketer report “China Mobile Advertising: Heady Growth amid Economic Uncertainty”.

eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending grew twofold to reach $15.82 billion in 2015. Mobile made up 22.3% of total media ad spending in China. The share of mobile advertising is larger than any other market worldwide. 

The increased spending was thought to be driven by continued growth in consumer spending in the country, which accounted for 60% of GDP growth in H1 2015.

In addition, eMarketer’s estimate for mobile ad spending in China in 2016 lies on $24.99 billion, with a 58% increase, indicating its positive faith on Chinese mobile advertising market. 

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